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Even a Great Product...

Needs Great Copy!

sales copyNo matter how great your product is, you still need great sales copy to convey your message. I don't mean GOOD copy, I mean GREAT.  Because if you want to stay ahead of your competition, your presentation (the copy) is what will separate you and ultimately give you real results.

My copywriting services are geared towards that one thing...results. 

I'll work hard to find the mechanics that makes your audience tick. Not just from what your product or service can do, but from what the audience wants. After all, the audience is the real judge and jury here, and you have to please them specifically.

And no two audiences are the same.

For example –- my six year old son used to absolutely hate carrots. No matter how I cooked them (or even if I served them raw), he wouldn’t take more than a single bite. I tried all the tricks. I told him how healthy they were, that they’d make him see better in the dark, and that it was the only way he’d get big and strong like me.

None of that worked, so I resorted to the old ‘eat your veggies or else…’ tactic. A lot of people without kids think that this is the way to go. As if kids are some kind of robots, and all you have to do is push the right buttons and they’ll go the direction you want them to. They’ve never had to deal with a kid whose will is every bit as solid as my own was at that age.

But I came up with another idea while watching House one night. It was the one where a guy drinks too much carrot juice and turns orange. I told my son about the dangers of eating too many carrots, and that really touched a nerve. A six year old boy is delighted at the thought of turning orange…don’t ask me why, it’s a boy thing.

“He had three helpings of carrots the next night.”

The tactic wouldn’t have worked on anyone but a six year old boy. Senior citizens would have laughed, little girls would have been frightened and never taken another bite of carrots, and the folks my age would have shrugged and figured they wouldn’t eat carrots more than twice a week. But the tidbit of information turned a six year old boy into a carrot eating machine.

Now the two big questions are:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What’s going to make them eat your carrots?

I’ll help you answer both of these questions. This is the backdrop idea for great copy...all that’s left is to lead the audience to see your product or service as the only answer to what they want.

This tactic worked wonders for a friend of mine, who had some success in his online police supply store. In one month, his sales increased from $325 to $987…and kept going up after that! Less than a year later, he sells $10,000 – $15,000 worth of merchandise per month. What did he do? What was his big marketing strategy? It involved changing his ads to attract the right buyers, and changing his landing page to make them buy.

There's no reason you couldn't have the same kind of success story. With my unique style, you can turn the traffic you're getting into a steady line of paying customers. What's so unique about Copy For Sale's style? What gives it the extra push that drives readers into a spending frenzy? I'm going to list a few of my techniques, just to show you how different my approach is. Look around at other copywriter samples, and see if you can find a similar style. You won't...not anywhere!

How My Copywriting Approach Moves People To Buy - 

No Clichés
I’m using this technique right now. Notice how I didn’t start off by telling you how I’d attract your audience by using benefits instead of features (a common method in copywriting). Not that I won’t do that…but I’m not going to build your copy around the same benefits every one of your competitors use. Clichés make sales copy too familiar to have effect on people. I eliminate over half your 'back buttons' by keeping clichés hidden within your copy.

An Entirely NEW Approach 
If your sales copy looks exactly like your competitor's, then why would a prospect choose you over them?  While you have to adhere to some of the 'tried and true' methods, your sales copy should set you apart...and I'll find the right approach for the right market.

Active Voice
An active voice makes your copy more conversational, and gives it natural flow. It sounds less like a sermon or lecture, and more like a friendly dialogue. Click here for a better understanding of active / passive voices, and how copywriters should use it.

Well Aligned Text
I'll lay your text out in an easy-to-read format (like the one you see now). Over-use of centered text (popular with sales letters) makes the copy hard to follow. My layouts will keep the audience focused and interested.

Raw Talent Sharpened to a Skill
It takes more than knowledge to be a good copywriter. If you find this letter easy to read, it's because of talent...something you can't learn in a book.

A Pro who’s Easy to Work With
If you’ve worked with copywriters before, you might have noticed that most of them are a bit difficult to work with. Some copywriters will tell you they know more about your business than you do... after studying it for only a week or so. Then when you want a revision, they’ll tell you that they got it right the first time and there’s no reason to change anything (often ignoring the promise of X number of revisions in their contract.) They might end up doing the work, but only after griping and complaining.

I’m not here to tell you how to run your business. I’m here as a consultant on how to reach your market. If you don’t like what I give you, I’ll work with you to make it right…and to keep its hard edge selling power. Just look at what some of my recent clients had to say about me:

“I just want to say that I've worked with other people before who claim to be experts in their field only to be dissappointed time and time again. Eric's approach is not only new and refreshing, not to mention unique, he is there every step of the way with continuous contact and feedback. I highly recommend Eric for the serious business owner.”



“I’ve always considered myself pretty good at writing copy.  After all, I’ve read dozen of books on the subject, get tons of emails every day from various newsletters, and have helped a bunch of people craft their own sales letters.  I took a chance and asked Eric to review the sales letter I was using for my own site and in a word, I was humbled. His analysis was spot on, pointed out things I had never even considered, ad left me slapping myself upside the head for not doing it sooner.  In hindsight, it was naïve of me to think my copy could hold a candle to a pro like Eric’s.  It’s a mistake I won’t make again, I can’t afford to.” 

Rich Presta


If you're serious about making the most of your marketing money, then hire a copywriter who's serious about finding the right approach, executing it flawlessly, and working with you to make your prospects buy.

Act Now...Every Second is a Prospect Loss

When you're ready to whip the snot out of your competition, contact me and let's start building your campaign from the inside out...finding your market, setting the approach, and building content that'll grab their sense of urgency.

Send me a version of your ad, and let me give you a free consultation. Every one of my clients are blown away when I show them 3 totally revolutionary ways to get higher returns...before we even talk about prices!

Again...remember to send your ad when you contact me...I can guarantee you'll be happy with the free consultation.

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